Services We Offer

 Here at Storybook Tree Company, we offer a wide variety of services that range all the way from effective tree care to insect and disease management. All of our services are performed by the best guys in the business and, of course, are satisfaction guaranteed. We perform all of our services in a very timely manner and are never truly satisfied until the customer is. If you'd like to get in touch with us, feel free to do so by calling (978) 897-0066 or by filling out our contact form.


Tree Care

 We strive to maintain trees that are safe, beautiful and most importantly, healthy. We utilize many effective techniques that add to the long life and beauty of the trees on our customers' properties. Below are some commonly requested tree care services. 

Deadwood Pruning

Deadwood can be carefully pruned to promote proper healing and to eliminate safety hazards.

Crown Thinning

Long, heavy limbs can be thinned and headed back to reduce the chance of storm damage.  Crown thinning can also be used to eliminate rubbing limbs and can allow more light on a lawn or under-story plantings. 


Trees with structural weaknesses can be strengthened using steel cables.  

Tree Removal

Although the skilled people here at Storybook strive to maintain the healthiest of trees, sometimes trees just have to be removed for some reason or another. A few examples would be: 


  • Dead, dying or hazardous trees
  • Trees that have outgrown their location
  • Trees that hinder construction projects

No matter the size or location of the tree, the professionals here at Storybook can assure you that it can be safely removed with our very up-to-date equipment and highly effective techniques. 

please call us at (978) 897-0066